Our company aims to achieve the improvement of quality of life, support economic development, and diligently adhere to regulations, environmental standards, consumer rights, and ethical principles in our operations. We strictly refrain from employing child labor and prevent any form of forced or coercive labor, ensuring non-discrimination in our recruitment and employment processes.

We actively support a preventive approach to environmental issues, striving to avoid any harm to the environment.

Our company diligently monitors and engages in social activities that benefit the environment, the local community, and society at large, providing support and taking a leading role in suitable projects.

We practice waste segregation at the source in compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulation, ensuring that packaging waste is delivered to licensed firms for proper recycling.

IHEVA collaborates with myclimate Turkey to further enhance the importance of sustainability and environmental efforts. By reporting the Corporate Carbon Footprint under the ISO 14064 standard, the company has taken a crucial step towards reducing its environmental impact. With the goal of establishing an integrated quality management system, IHEVA has been actively incorporating various quality standards, and this year, it has reported its carbon footprint for the first time. Additionally, these data have been included in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the first time as part of our participation. The company continuously integrates environmental awareness into its production practices, aligning with its business strategy, and will continue its collaboration with myclimate.

Throughout the reporting period, our company has not caused any environmental harm, and there were no situations necessitating an environmental impact assessment report.

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