Our Company complies with laws and regulations pertaining to public health, the environment, the consumer, and ethical principles when supporting economic development and working towards our goal to improve the quality of life. Our Company employs no child workers, prevents all types of forced labor and labor under pressure, and is non-discriminatory in the recruitment and employment processes.

Our Company promotes an approach of prevention before damage in environment-related matters.

Our Company follows environmental, regional, and public social projects and anticipates leading in this area through supporting appropriate projects.

Our Company separates waste at its source according to the Packaging Waste Regulation and contributes to recycling by giving packaging waste to licensed companies.

Our Company signed a packaging waste utilization contract with TÜKÇEV to promote a more efficient environmental responsibility according to the Packaging Waste Regulation. The obligations of TÜKÇEV (Mercantile Establishment of Consumer and Environmental Education Foundation) per the contract are as follows:

  • TÜKÇEV will inform the Company on regulations and legislations published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and legislation and studies in the European Union and other developed countries with regard to environmental issues and packaging waste.
  • TÜKÇEV will use the revenue obtained from contracts with companies to raise public awareness about decreasing package waste at its source; collecting, recovering and recycling packaging waste; environmental issues; and developing environmental sensitivity. It will also use that revenue to develop projects and carry out training activities regarding recovery. The Company will be informed of all activities.
  • According to provisions in the regulation, TÜKÇEV will document for the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry, on behalf of the Contract party company, that the type and amount of the material agreed upon with the Company has been collected, recycled and recovered within the scope of the regulation regarding packaging waste recovery obligations of the Company.
  • TÜKÇEV will work with companies that have obtained an environmental license or temporary operation permit from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry for the mentioned services.
  • As of the end of term, TÜKÇEV will submit documentation on the recovery obligation of the Company to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry on behalf of the Contractor party company.

There was no damage to the environment during this period. Our company had no activities that required an environmental impact evaluation report.

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