As İhlas Ev Aletleri, we see “quality for customer satisfaction” which is the main principle of customer-oriented management, as an indispensable value.

With the principle of ‘Quality First’, we take into consideration the needs, demands and expectations of customers at every stage of the services such as design, production and after sales service.

With “total quality consists of unit quality” logic, we care for details in the manufacturing process. In this way, we provide continuous improvements and improve the service and product quality offered to our end customers.

Necessary works for the compliance of our products with the national and international quality standards such as TSE, TUV, VDE and Kema Keur etc. have been completed and updated in line with the stated schedule. CE marking studies, which are made compulsory in our country, aiming to protect the health, safety, environment and the consumers of the products have started long before and we are continuing our production as per these standards.

We manage the production stages in harmony with the supplier companies with the quality system compliant to world standards.

Although the minimum warranty period is 2 years  within the framework of the legal requirement, we provide 3 years of warranty period on all our products.

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