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Aura Cebilon Silver


Aura Cebilon SILVER is used to obtain drinking water from mains water that passes through municipal treatment process. This water must be microbiologically safe, subjected to the necessary disinfection. If the parameters of the water are within the following ranges efficient operation of the appliance is ensured. Systems designed differently for waters such as sea water, well water, muddy water etc. with a very high TDS value are also available.

Temperature 5ºC - 38ºC / (38 ºF - 100 ºF)
Operating Pressure 40 psi - 145psi / (2,8 bar - 10 bar) / (275kPa - 1.000 kPa)
pH Range 3 - 11
Maximum Fe 0,2 (ppm=mg/L)
Maximum TDS 1.250 (ppm=mg/L)
Turbidity 5 NTU
Hardness 17 ºFr-10 ºdH - 170 mg/L CaCO3


Technical Specifications
12 inch Inline 5 micron Sediment Filter Water Cutting Tool
12 inch Inline GAC Filter Airgap Tap
12 inch Inline 1 micron Sediment Filter Tank Capacity: 8 L
75 GPD RO Membrane Daily Capacity: 253.77 L/day
10 Inch Inline Final Carbon Filter With Minerals Purification Rate: 85 98%
110 psi 1,2 lt/m Pump Gross Weight: 9,5 Kg
  Device Size: 400x270x385mm
  Tank Size: Diameter 24,4cm, Length 36,6cm

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